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T1- object oriented programming

Updated: Jan 20

in this blog, we will start learning java programing and the basics of "OOP"

object-oriented programming step by step.

what is object-oriented programming ?

object oriented programming is a technology or methodology that mimic real world entities into computer models as codes.

it treats everything around us as objects like humans, cars, computers and any other items and it model these objects and the communications between them.

for example, in java programming we have objects and attributes and behavior's

to understand why OOP can encapsulate data and model the communications between object's , lets see this example below.


object- Dog.

Attributes- breed, color , age.

behaviors- eat, sleep , bark.


Class - person

object - john

attributes- age, race.

behaviors- sleep , study.

so the oop models everything around us as objects to make it easier for us to understand the logical relationship between objects and their behaviors and to make the programming process more relevant and easier.

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