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T12- Switch statement

we continue today the last part of selection structures with the ( Switch statement )

so what is switch statement ?

switch statement is a multiple-selection statement that performs different actions based on the possible values

lets observe the structure of switch case statement and try to understand it one by one

switch (expression) {

  case value1:
    // code
  case value2:
    // code
    // default statements
  1. the expression is evaluated once

  2. the value of expression is compared with case ( if the value of expression matches the value of the case , the code in the matched case will be executed.

  3. when we have a match now the break takes action , break will stop the execution of more codes and case testing when the match is found and code is executed.

  4. default: default is like ( else ) it executes a code when there is no match at all


we will understand it better by the next example.

first lets import the Scanner class into our program and follow the steps one by one

import java.util.Scanner;

Scanner input = new Scanner (System.in);
		System.out.println("Enter month in number");
		int month = input.nextInt();
		switch (month) {
		  case 1:
		    System.out.println("month is january");
		  case 2:
		    System.out.println("month is february");
		  case 3:
			    System.out.println("month is march");
		  case 4:
			    System.out.println("month is april");
		    System.out.println("wtf!, the year is only 12 months ")

as you see above, we imported scanner and created an object of it and asked the user to enter a number , and we declared an integer number that stores the value taken from the user

now we will use this variable ( month) as a switch expression, meaning we will compare month value with every case we make

if month = case (1)

System.out.println("month is january") will execute

now break; will stop the program from executing more codes or look for another match.

if we dont have a match between month and all cases below

default: statement will execute the code like an ( else ) statement

lets test our program

lets try to enter the number 3

as you see the variable month value was 3 and 3 matched with case 3 so it printed the message above.

now lets try something that will not match , lets say we have 12 cases one for every month

and the user entered number 13

as you see no match , so the default will execute the code below it.

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